Smoking Confirmed as Major Risk to Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss still remains a major health issue around the world. Nineteen percent of Americans 65 and older are “edentulous” or have lost all of their natural teeth.  In the UK 15 percent of 65 to 74 year olds are edentulous compared to 30 percent globally within that same age group.  Now, a new study has confirmed that people who smoke regularly are more likely to suffer from increased tooth loss than non-smokers.

Interestingly, recent research published in the Journal of Dental Research  found that the association between smoking and tooth loss was 3.6 times higher for male smokers and 2.5 times higher for female smokers.


This long-term, longitudinal study of 23,376 participants was a joint effort between researchers at the University of Birmingham (in Britain of course, not suburban Detroit!) and the German Institute of Human Nutrition.  Since smoking is a risk factor for periodontitis or gum disease, this study explains the high rate of tooth loss in smokers.  In fact, smoking veils many of the symptoms of gum disease, and a smoker may appear to have healthy gum tissue just like any other non-smoker.  Infected gums are puffy, red and bleed easily, while the gums of a smoker will stay pale, thin and resist bleeding.

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While US Births Rise Dental Visits by Expectant Mothers Decline

For the first time in seven years birth rates in the United States are climbing according to a recent study published by the National Center for Health Statistics.  Births rose 1 percent from 2013 to 2014. That’s nearly 4 million births in 2014.  While a whole percent doesn’t sound like much to celebrate, its counter to the not-so-good news released from a recent survey by Delta Dental.  In their survey of expectant moms they cited that 42 percent put off seeing their dentist during pregnancy.  Bur surging hormones during pregnancy puts women at greater risk for gum disease.  A routine dental examination is a step in identifying key health issues for mothers-to-be.


What a dental visit can reveal about your pregnancy

Visiting a dentist during pregnancy can help with certain oral health issues that occur during this time.  Some issues are routine; others can be a precursor to bigger issues that need immediate attention before they become larger problems.  [Read more…]

Survey Breaks Many Stereotypes about Denture Wearers

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Findings from a recent survey conducted for GSK Consumer Healthcare illustrates the many misconceptions people have about dentures and denture wearers.  When people think dentures what pops into their minds most often is a picture of their aged grandparents.  But the fact is denture wearers are getting younger and younger every year, revealing that dentures are not just worn by grandma and grandpa anymore. More than half of the 500 online survey respondents (53%) were 44 years old or younger!  Another big reveal was just how dentures affected their relationships and their oral care behavior.


Dentures: It’s a Delicate Relationship

Overall the results of the online survey revealed that denture wearers have a complicated relationship with many facets of their lives because of their dentures. However, these same respondents felt that dentures also gave them confidence and freedom at an affordable price.  Without dentures, tooth loss can limit what and how much you can eat.  [Read more…]

Dental Implants Give Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis a Better Quality of Life

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Postmenopausal women suffering from osteoporosis are at a greater risk for tooth loss than most other groups.  But a series of studies published in the Journal of International Dentistry sheds some light on the dental outcomes of women who have had dental restorations and also suffer from osteoporosis. This one particular study in the series suggests that dental implants provide a higher level of satisfaction to patients both in their social and professional lives than any other dental restoration available.


How Osteoporosis affects Dental Health        

Currently 10 million people in the United States suffer from osteoporosis.  Eight out of every 10 sufferers are women, and according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, but one in every four men over the age of 50 will break a bone from it.  Osteoporosis affects all bones in the human body including your jawbone.  But many times low dosage digital dental x-rays will allow dentists to see any loss in bone density an monitor issues due to osteoporosis.  (Just another good reason for at least yearly dental exams!)  [Read more…]