Patient Testimonials

I really want to hear about your experience with our office. This will be helpful for me personally as well as for potential patients who are in need of similar services. Your testimonial will come directly to my attention. As always, I appreciate your help with us building a better practice! Thank you!

Dear Dr. Langberg,

This is brief but tardy note to commend you and your staff for
the service provided to me on September 7, 2011. My special thank you to Melanie for a long overdue cleaning and Xrays. My best to all. You folks are still the best dental group in the business.

SD, Birmingham, MI

Dear Dr. Langberg,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for you kind and gentle care. You put me at ease, which is no easy task and deliver what you promise. I have never been to a dental visit that was so involved, yet netted no pain and relatively little discomfort.

You have been like a gift from God! My family has many negative experiences in our dental history, creating a high level of anxiety, but you have restored our faith. It is obvious how much pride you take in what you do, from your excellent “chair side” manner to the careful attention to detail. I have also noticed your kindness, respect and the gentle guidance you extend to your staff.

My daughter just said: “I sure hope Dr. Langberg is taking care of himself because I don’t know what I would do if I had to go to someone else.” After the past two years of dental nightmares, that is truly the utmost compliment!

Thanks again for all you do!

DJ, Southfield, MI

In simple terms, Dr Langberg and his team of dental care experts have spoiled all the members of my family with their skill, expertise and professionalism. I didn’t know dental care could be so pleasant and so expert. I was referred to Dr Langberg by an associate who was totally pain phobic yet impressed me by her total lack of concern for anticipated visits to his office.
After many years (decades) of neglect, once finding Dr Langberg and staff, I have enthusiastically become dentally healthy as I enter my senior years.

Dr Langberg is kind, compassionate and exudes the pride in his work to contribute to my total health. His chair side manners are extremely pleasant.


He has surrounded himself with an extremely competent group of front office staff and hygienists. They always greet me by first name although in may have been months since my last visit. Very impressive.

About Hygienist: Elaine has been my primary hygienist for the 10+ years I have gone to Dr Langberg. She is polite, friendly and seems like a member of the family who cares about the whole patient. She matches Dr Langberg in her perfectionism, thoroughness. She provides a perfect complement to the dental professionalism provided by Dr Langberg. Also highly recommended.

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“The dental care I received at Dr. Langberg’s office was absolutely top notch. Dr. Langberg showed respect for me as a person, explaining all treatment options available and helping me to make the best decisions for me. His coaching, through use of the video camera, in helping me to improve my oral hygiene was exemplary! Thanks Dr. Langberg. His staff is also very professional, friendly and courteous. ”

Susan C, Waterford, MI

“I am very appreciative of the excellent care of my wonderful dentist! Dr. Langberg has compassion and interest in the health and comfort of his patients. The office is run with incredible efficiency. I feel very fortunate that I can look forward to going to ….my dentist!”

Andrea R, Royal Oak, MI

“Dr. Langberg is an excellent dentist; his office is always neat and clean and his staff are pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Anonymous, West Bloomfield

“I was recommended to Dr. Mark Langberg by my sister who is a practicing dental hygienist, and I am very pleased with the exceptional level of quality, and professionalism. ”

Marvin B, Detroit, MI

“I enjoy Dr.Langberg and his staff so much. Upon entering the office you are greeted with a smile along with your name. The office is always clean and pleasant – very important. I have been traveling to Dr.Langberg for 12 years and his expertise is well worth the trip. Thank you Dr. Langberg for all the personal attention and care. Dr.Langberg has better bed side manners, being a dentist,than any other primary care physician that i have ever experienced!

PS. Thanks Sue, you are always so gentle and perfect!

Anonymous, Bloomfield

“Dr. Langberg and staff were wonderful as always…professional, thorough, and somehow made going to the dentist a pleasant experience!”

Susan K, Huntington Woods, MI

“Greeted upon arrival and given some indication on how long it would be before dental care is given. During the appointment I experienced very pleasant surroundings and efficient use of time as well as good care. I have the fullest confidence in Dr. Langberg. He has been my dentist for over 20 years. I have been very satisfied with Dr. Langberg’s care and may I add with the very competent people he has in his office.”

Patricia Q, West Bloomfield, MI

“I have been going to Dr. Langberg for over 10 years, and I can honestly say that he is one of the best dentists in the area. He truly cares about his patients and his work is always meticulous and perfect.
I am never nervous when I have a procedure done because I know that he will make sure that I have no discomfort at all. In fact, when I went to an oral surgeon who was not able to get the anesthetic to kick in, I called Dr. Langberg to ask for advice. The two dentists set up a plan to take care of the problem, and Dr. Langberg reassured me that if the specialist could not get the anesthetic to work, Dr. Langberg would come to the oral surgeon’s office and administer the anesthetic himself. If I had needed him, I am sure he would have come, too.
I just had a dental implant done by another specialist. I had problems with the cap the other dentist had made, and Dr. Langberg saw me a number of times at no charge to correct these problems. He is a great advocate and made sure that my implant is perfect.”

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“I was extremely devastated when first learning that the veneer on my front tooth had cracked and required replacement. But your assurance that it would be taken care of to my complete satisfaction, was very comforting. Your integrity in replacing my teeth so they would all match is truly remarkable in today’s world…as is the pride which you and your Staff display in your work each time Heinz and I visit your office!! Dr. Langberg, my new smile is absolutely beautiful…I love it…thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Helen A, Shelby Twp. MI

“Dr. Langberg is one of the most thoughtful health professionals I have ever met. He is deeply committed to making his patients as comfortable as possible in the office, and beyond satisfied with the work once they leave. After my more intensive procedures, Dr. Langberg calls me at home after my appointment to check on how I was doing. It is rare to find a dentist as caring as he is. He replaced my four front teeth with veneers and they came out better than perfect! I owe much of the self confidence I have today to Dr. Langberg.”

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“I stumbled across Dr. Langberg’s office by doing an internet search for a dentist. I’ve never really had much success with dentists. I could never find one that I really liked. I went in for a regular check-up and was contemplating major work but wasn’t sure if I was ready for the expense and pain. The office staff is the BEST and Dr. Langberg is very thorough and detailed. He’s a perfectionist and he cares about the patient and the work he does. I have had a lot of cosmetic work done and Dr. Langberg always follows up with me to make sure my mouth is okay. His work is awesome! I’m so happy with my mouth and I have yet to receive my permanent bridge. My temporaries look fantastic! I have so many compliments on my mouth and the ZOOM whitening. Dr. Langberg has made my Extreme Makeover a wonderful success. I have had pain before but here I’m amazed how careful the office staff is with procedures. I rarely have to take pain-killers. I’m definitely a patient for life. ”

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